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  • Pricing featuresLimit of 10 documents /month
  • Billing featuresSleek Bill branding on issued documents
  • Pricing featuresNo dedicated support
  • Invoice featuresLimited access to advanced features
  • Pricing featuresOnly one design template
  • Pricing featuresAdd and Remove Payments
  • Pricing featuresUnit of Measurement in Documents & Stock
  • Pricing featuresService Tax with SB Cess & KKC support
One Year Premium License
1.599 INR
  • Pricing featuresUnlimited documents
  • Invoice featuresDedicated email support
  • Pricing featuresNo Sleek Bill branding
  • Invoice featuresMultiple invoice templates & color options
  • Invoice featuresSmall A5 invoice template
  • Billing featuresProforma, Tax, Retail or Excise Invoices
  • Billing featuresDelivery note / Challan
  • Invoice featuresShow Total Amount in words
  • Invoice featuresShow Authorized Signatory field
  • Pricing featuresAdd Discount per Product
  • Pricing featuresPaypal or Custom link on invoices
Lifetime Premium License
2.999 INR

This is a Limited Edition offer
that includes:

  • Pricing featuresAll Premium features
  • Billing featuresUnlimited support
  • Billing featuresExport Detailed Reports with Dr/Cr
  • Billing featuresTransport Labels (Original, Duplicate etc.)
  • Billing featuresAdd Surcharge per Tax
  • Pricing featuresAccess to all future updates and add-ons
  • Invoice featuresEmail invoices straight from Sleek Bill
  • Billing featuresPassword protection options
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You are covered for updates and support for an entire year.


Full support for all billing documents: Proformas, Retail, Excise and Tax Invoices.


Know your business with our advanced invoice reporting feature.


Save time by linking your PayPal account or custom gateway to your invoices.


Backup /Restore features to keep your billing & invoicing data safe.


Use our Invoice Software with multiple companies & get a discount.


Save time with Sleek Bill’s autocomplete feature.


Make Challan, use Tax Groups & Unit of Measurement support.


Adapt to any tax system on the planet with this clever feature.


You can now edit your invoices in the letter format or use the A5 small template.

1. GST is coming in July 2017; will I still be able to use Sleek Bill?1

Yes! When the new GST system is launched, Sleek Bill will be compatible. You should be able to use Sleek Bill as easily as before and we will continue to support you and your business during the new changes.

2. What makes Sleek Bill for India different from other invoice software?

First of all, Sleek Bill was tailored to specifically answer the demands of SMBs. Therefore, it has the exact features this type of business requires without cluttering your interface with useless extras that you are never going to use.

View all frequently asked questions here.

3. How to start using Sleek Bill for India?

It’s as easy as A, B, C! Just download and install Sleek Bill for India and you get a 15 day free trial period. You can use it right off the bat and edit beautiful, personalised invoices just seconds after it was installed on your computer. It's designed to be easy to use, fast and user friendly.

4. Can I add separate discounts?

You can now add both a Total Discount and a Per Product Discount. The first one is applied to the total invoice value. The per product discount, howver, can be added to each individual product and is applied to the basic value.

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