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Earn up to 40% or more on every sale through the Sleek Bill Partner program.
If there's an easier way to make this kind of money, it can't be legal.

It Pays to Work with Sleek Bill

Earn up to 40% or more on every sale through the Sleek Bill Partner program.
If there's an easier way to make this kind of money, it can't be legal.

Leading invoicing solution

Used by over 20.000 companies, and built by a team with over 9 years of experience, Sleek Bill is designed to be fast and easy to use.

Top Level Conversion Rates

Get a dedicated landing page and easily convert your traffic into sales thanks to some of the highest conversion rates in this industry.

Marketing materials provided

Our design team can provide Banners for Display or Facebook, newsletter templates, posters for live events and more.

Dedicated Partner Support

Have clients with questions or requests? Just reach out and we’ll answer and help however we can in order to accelerate your earnings.

Guaranteed Commission

Whether you choose to be an Affiliate or a Premium Partner, we guarantee your commission and offer full refund support.

Sell Sleek Bill software
at any price

You buy the licenses from us at a lower cost and can sell with whatever markup you prefer.


Actively promote and sell

Earn 40% or more

  • Dedicated landing page
  • Marketing materials
  • Partner badge and listing on our website
  • Dedicated email support
  • Sell at ANY price
  • Commission on both online and offline sales


Promote on your website and refer to us

Earn up to 30%

  • Commission on online sales
  • Unique purchase URLs
  • Automatic payments through Avangate

Start selling now!

We want you to push the product to as many businesses as possible and we will do our best to support you.

What our affiliates say about us

It's lightweight, feature rich, and getting better every day! Top-notch service! The staff is great to work with, very warm and friendly. When challenges and issues arise, Sleek Bill team are able to resolve them through good communication.


from Fusion Technologies Services Gold Partner

Be a Sleek Bill partner
and easily grow your income:

1. How did Sleek Bill for India start and where did the idea come from?

After seven years of developing invoice software and thousands upon thousands of satisfied customers we can say our success is no longer a mystery to us. It is based on the combination of simplicity, beauty and functionality that simply enchants all our clients.

2. What makes Sleek Bill for India different from other invoice software?

First of all, Sleek Bill was tailored to specifically answer the demands of Indian SMBs. Therefore, it has the exact features this type of business requires without cluttering your interface with useless extras that you're never going to use.

3. Can I be both a reseller and an affiliatte?

Of course. For advanced partners this is even a requirement as creating custom installers with dedicated online purchase links requires an affiliate status. This way, if a user purchases through the software, you will receive a guaranteed commision even if it's made after 3 months.

4. Will Sleek Bill be GST ready this July?

Yes! Sleek Bill will be fully ready and updated with all the GST changes as soon as they hit the market. You can assure your clients that once they buy Sleek Bill, they will receive all the GST updates free of charge.

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