The Only Invoicing Features You Will Ever Need

Available on Windows



There is a lot you can do regarding your new invoices. Edit, issue or review them until they match your standards. Then print or send them by email directly to your customer, in either case don’t forget you can also convert them to PDF’s.


Just like with your invoices, you can edit, view, and configure the estimates before sending them to your client. Also, estimates can be converted into PDF format or printed.


Document customization

Unlike other invoicing solutions, Sleek Bill offers an array of useful customization features. You can choose your paper format, change the color of your documents and even select what information will be displayed in the invoice.

*More customization options are now available with the Premium License.

Client lists

When it comes to your client lists, there are many items you can customize. Add new clients, create new lists or edit the current ones to match your specifications. Furthermore, you can import or export client lists as our software is compatible with most file formats.



Editing product or services lists is as easy as pie with Sleek Bill. Create new lists, edit the existing ones or chose to import or export them without having to worry about file formats and compatibility.

Data backup and restoration

It’s easy to keep all your financial data safe thanks to Sleek Bill’s backup feature. Save the database on your local hard drive and access it whenever you need with the certainty that you will not lose a single file.

*This option is available for the Premium License only.


Create beautiful invoices

Give your invoices personality using the available customization features such as adding your company logo.

*Furthermore, the Premium License comes with an array of professional templates and layouts that wil help boost your customers’ trust.

Adjust to your local tax system

Sleek Bill includes tax data from all US states. This doesn’t mean that you can’t set up your own taxes depending on your needs or location. It’s all part of our easy to use yet highly adjustable design.


Send your invoices instantly

When you finished editing and configuring your invoices, send them instantly directly from Sleek Bill’s interface via e-mail.

*This option is available for the Premium License only.

Multiple companies

You can simultaneously operate with as many companies as you need and switch between them without having to shut down the program or log out.


Paypal in your invoices

Cut payment time and increase the altogether efficiency of your business by adding your PayPal account to your invoices. Receive money faster and reduce the hassle for your customers.

*This option is available for the Premium License only.

Smart Reporting

Our billing software puts your entire document history at just a click away. Moreover, the included filter feature helps you to sort to hundreds of documents in no time.

*More advanced reporting features available with the Premium License.


Start sending beautiful invoices to your customers today!

Please let us know how we can improve Sleek Bill so it suits you best.