17. How can I add CESS in invoices?

When making an invoice, you can add CESS to the items in your document. In a new invoice, after adding a client and payment terms, tick the box with "Add cess". Then select the item(s) you wish to add in your invoice, and add the respective CESS percentage in the appropriate space. You can add CESS as %. . After you are finished editing your invoice, click on "Preview" to go to the next step.

Add CESS to items in your list
You can also add CESS to items directly, saving the CESS amount for a specific item each time you add that item in your invoice. In Products / Services, double click on one of your items to open the editing screen. In the lower part, as seen in the below picture, you can see a field for adding CESS. You can add CESS as a percentage %.

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