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Simple, efficient and free GST billing software.
Specially designed for Indian small businesses.

Does all the Hard Work

Sleek Bill does all the work for you. From calculating to formatting and printing, even emailing invoices to your customers.

Create beautiful invoices

No other free billing software puts so much emphasis on the design of documents. Modern, easy-to-read invoice templates boost your customers’ trust.

Make purchase orders, turn them to bills

The Premium Inventory option allows you to create unlimited purchase orders that you can easily turn to bills as needed.

Advanced Document Options

Developed with clients and specialized accountants, our latest version includes the ability to show the amount in words, the Signatory field and Round off the total amount.

GST Tax Invoice & Bill of Supply

Make GST compliant invoices, bill of supply, quote & others. With accurate templates and professional design, they are optimized & compliant with Indian GST law.

GST Tax Calculation

With built in tax slabs, you only need to select the right gst rate for your products or services and Sleek Bill will do all the detailed calculations of SGST, CGST or IGST.

Control your business with detailed reports

With smart filters you can get comprehensive reports on clients, payment history, stock in hand or sales by product / service. This free billing software helps you run your business.

Inclusive and exclusive taxation

Sleek Bill allows you to add price to your items with tax included in the price or excluded from it. Either way, you don’t need to calculate tax by hand, Sleek Bill does all the math for you and accurately shows the tax amount in your invoices. .

GST Ready billing

Sleek Bill is updated for all your GST billing needs: GSTIN, HSN and SAC code support, GST formats for all documents from invoices to purchase orders, GSTR 1, GSTR 3B, GSTR 4 and much more.

Backup / Restore Your Data

All your data is safely stored and secured on your PC. The backup and restore feature helps to protect your invoicing database form unfortunate events or to transfer it from one PC to another.

Print or Email your Invoices

Sleek Bill doesn’t stop at offering the best billing software solution on the Indian market; it also comes with Printing and Emailing features integrated. With just a few clicks, you can Email your invoice, Print it or save it as a PDF.

Designed to work on all PCs

This free invoice software is designed to work perfectly with all versions of Windows, from XP to 10, so that you or your company can start invoicing quickly and efficiently without any compatibility concerns.

Billing Software

Modern and Trust-Boosting Invoice Templates

Continues the tradition of putting significant emphasis on document design with modern, easy-to-read invoice templates that boost customers' trust.

Sleek Bill -Inventory Management

Free GST Billing and Inventory Management

A core offering designed for Indian small businesses, providing a seamless solution for GST billing and inventory management

Sleek Bill Follow GST Rule

Comprehensive GST Rules Completion

Ensures full compliance with Indian GST law, supporting GST-compliant invoices, bill of supply, quotes, and more, with optimized templates.

Overview of other Interesting Features

Free Trial Available

Online/Offline Software

Multi-device Synchronization

User level Access

Multiple Invoice

Inventory Management

Inventory Tracking

Low Stock Inventory Management

Expiry / Due Date Management

Discount Management

Free Quantity Management

Tax Management

Data Backup

Item Catalog

Delivery Challan

Debit and Credit Notes

Bill Wise Payment Tracking QR Code

Party Wise Ledger

Start Your Business with Sleek Bill GST Billing Software

In today's ever-changing market, being efficient is very important for small companies, especially in places such as India where the tax system is complex. We created our GST billing and inventory management software because of this need to help Indian small and medium businesses in a significant way. It is made with great care to simplify following GST rules and improve managing stock, all within an easy-to-use design that helps increase the efficiency of your business.

Billing Software

    1. GST Billing and Inventory Management

    Our software is designed for Indian small businesses, keeping in view the specific requirements of these enterprises. It intends to connect the link between intricate GST rules and your business's routine operational needs. Features include:

  • Comprehensive GST Compliance: Effortlessly generate GST-compliant invoices, making taxation a hassle-free part of your business.

  • Streamlined Inventory Management: Keep a real-time track of stock levels, ensuring you never run low on your best sellers.

  • Zero Cost, Maximum Efficiency Access a robust billing solution without the financial burden, designed to maximize your operational efficiency.

    2. Automation and Ease of Use:

    Automation lies at the core of our billing software, transforming how you manage daily transactions:

  • Automated Calculations: Say goodbye to manual calculations. Our software handles all the math, from tallying totals to calculating GST.

  • Simple Invoice Management: Perform functions like formatting and printing, send invoices as email attachments etc. with unmatched simplicity.

  • Easy to Use Interface: Move around the software without any difficulty, with its user-friendly design needing only a small amount of training.

    3. Design and Template Quality: Crafting Trust Through Professionalism

    The first impression matters, and our billing software understands this well, offering:

  • Elegant Invoice Templates: Choose from a variety of modern templates that reflect your brand's professionalism.

  • Customization at Your Fingertips: Tailor your invoices with your logo and brand colors, enhancing recognition and trust among your customers.

  • Clarity and Precision: Designed for readability, our templates ensure that every invoice you send out is a testament to your attention to detail.

    4. Effortlessly Transform Purchase Orders into Bills

    Sleek Bill elevates the purchase management experience with its Premium Inventory feature, simplifying the transition from ordering to billing for businesses of all sizes. This feature not only accelerates the procurement process but also ensures accuracy and convenience.

  • Unlimited Purchase Orders: Allows the creation of endless purchase orders, eliminating operational hold-ups related to procurement.

  • Easy Conversion: Convert purchase orders to bills quickly and effortlessly, making the accounts payable process smoother and ensuring prompt supplier payments.

Tailored Excellence: Empowering Businesses with Advanced Document Options

 Sleek Bill -Advanced Document Options

Checked Advanced Document Option

    Our software understands the varied document needs of modern enterprises, offering robust solutions to enhance the professionalism and compliance of your business documents.

  • Empower Your e-Invoicing with Sleek BillGenerate e-invoices that meet GST requirements effortlessly. Our software ensures that your e-invoices are compliant, secure, and suitable for businesses with a turnover of over 5 crores, facilitating a seamless interface with the GSTN portal.

  • Effortless e-Way Bill Generation: Create and manage e-way bills with just a few clicks. After generating an invoice, select the e-way bill option under 'More Options' to produce all necessary consignment details in either JSON or Excel format.

Checked GST Simplified

    Navigating India's GST landscape is crucial, and our billing software is built to demystify this complexity. It offers intuitive tools and templates that comply with GST regulations, making invoice, bill of supply, and quote generation straightforward and compliant.

  • Ensure GST-Ready Invoices: Create invoices that are fully compliant with GST laws, keeping your business legally secure.

  • Ready-to-Use GST Templates: Use our variety of pre-designed templates that simplify GST-compliant document creation, ensuring accuracy and saving time.

  • Automatic GST Calculations: The software comes equipped with preset GST rates, enabling automatic tax calculation for your products or services and making the billing process efficient.

Seleek Bill -Automatically Caluculate GST
 Sleek Bill - Simplifying Tax Calculations

Checked Simplifying Tax Calculations

    Our billing software simplifies tax calculations, including GST, for businesses. It possesses characteristics of automatically managing taxes, ensuring precision and currentness with tax rules.

  • Automatic Tax Calculations: The software effortlessly handles detailed calculations of SGST, CGST, or IGST, making it easier for businesses to comply with GST regulations.

  • Easy GST Rate Selection: Choose GST rates for your products or services with ease, thanks to the integrated tax slabs that guide you through the process, ensuring that every invoice is compliant and accurate.

Checked Gaining Insights

    Our billing software helps you understand your business better by offering detailed reports. You can track customer interactions, payments, inventory, and sales easily, helping your business grow.

  • Smart Filters for Tailored Reports: Use advanced filtering options to generate customized reports that focus on the specific data you need, whether it's client activities, payment timelines, or stock statuses.

  • Comprehensive Overview: Obtain a holistic view of your business operations, from sales by product/service to overall stock management, helping you make informed decisions and strategize effectively for future growth.

Seleek Bill-Invoicing and Gaining Insights Feaure
 Sleek Bill - Flexible Taxation Options

Checked Flexible Taxation Options

    Our billing software stands out by offering flexible taxation options that cater to the varied needs of businesses. Whether your pricing strategy includes tax or you prefer to add it separately, the software adapts to your requirements, providing clear and accurate tax calculations for every transaction.

  • Inclusive and Exclusive Taxation: Choose between inclusive and exclusive taxation methods with ease. The tax amount on invoices is automatically calculated and shown by the software, making sure that it's transparent and follows rules.

  • Automated Tax Display: Invoices generated will clearly outline the tax components, providing your clients with detailed insights into their charges, fostering trust and simplifying record-keeping.

Need an Online solution with multi-user & multi device?

Try the new Sleek Bill Online and get advanced billing features & full gst integration.

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*Free & Easy – no hidden fees.

We keep your data safe and secure!

Losing your data can be a painful process. We thought of this when we built Sleek Bill invoicing software, so we offer a back-up feature to save your data and invoicing information.

Simply download and start invoicing

No plugins or special media is required. You can use Sleek Bill with all of its features! This free invoice software was built especially for Indian small businesses and freelancers. Join them now!

Add CESS, Reverse charge & E-way bills

Add CESS as % and value to items in your bills. Issue invoices with reverse charges, add your signature straight in the invoice and easily get your e-way bill format straight from the invoice to upload to the government tool.

Issue Proforma Invoice, Delivery Challan

Declare your commitment to provide products or services with the new Proforma Invoice option in Sleek Bill. Issue GST Delivery Challan / Note anytime you need.

Issue Credit and Debit Notes

Add credit notes against any invoice whenever needed. Debit notes are also now available. Easily keep track of your documents by using Sleek Bill.

A5 Small Invoice template

We know wasting paper can be expensive so the new A5 financial template is optimized for those invoices or quotations that don't have too much data.

Unveiling Advanced Billing Solutions for Data Security and Operational Excellence

Data Security as a Core Principle

Sleek Bill -Protect Business Data
Protect Business Data

In today's digital world, data is vital for managing complex business needs. Our billing software prioritizes the safety of your financial data with robust backup features, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and peace of mind.

Sleek Bill -Secure Storage
Secure Storage

Your invoicing and financial data are meticulously safeguarded and securely stored on your personal computer, utilizing state-of-the-art encryption and other advanced security measures, effectively preventing unauthorized access and breaches.

Sleek Bill -Backup
Backup and Restore

Protect your data from loss and ensure seamless access across devices with our comprehensive backup and restore feature. Our data security bridge empowers your team to access vital information anytime, anywhere, ensuring uninterrupted workflows.

Streamlined Distribution: Easy Printing and Emailing

Good communication is very important for strong business relationships. Our billing program supports this by making it easy to combine printing and sending emails, which helps with the easy sharing of bills. If you like to send emails, print documents, or save them as PDF files, our tool gives you the ability to choose. Leave behind any unnecessary complex steps and concentrate on helping your business grow simply.

One Click Distribution
One-Click Distribution

Email, print, or save your invoices as PDFs with just a few clicks, streamlining the distribution process.

Professional Business
Professional Presentation

Operate seamlessly in any environment, ensuring your billing process is uninterrupted, regardless of internet connectivity.

Smooth Operation on Windows and Mac.

In today's tech world, seamless cross-platform software is a must. Sleek Bill fits the bill, running smoothly on Windows, and Mac. Enjoy uninterrupted invoicing wherever you are.

Sleek Bill -Inventory Management
Broad Device Support

Experience smooth invoicing from Windows XP to Windows 11 for the offline version, and across Windows, Mac, and mobile platforms for the online version, eliminating any compatibility worries.

Sleek Bill -Inventory Management
Simple and Efficient Invoicing

Thanks to its versatility across devices, our software lets you concentrate on invoice creation and management, freeing you from technical hassles.

Expanding Billing Capabilities

Handling the intricacies of contemporary billing and tax adherence requires a tool that is flexible yet all-encompassing. Our billing software goes beyond simple invoicing to include a variety of extra elements, covering every aspect related to billing and compliance. From handling CESS and reverse charges to facilitating e-way bills, the software is equipped to manage nuanced financial requirements with precision.

Sleek Bill -Inventory Management
Diverse Billing Options

Incorporate CESS, manage reverse charge mechanisms, and issue e-way bills directly from the software, streamlining compliance processes.

Sleek Bill -Inventory Management
Versatile Document Management

Generate proforma invoices, delivery challans, credit, and debit notes, ensuring all financial documents are accurate and readily available.

The Ultimate Billing Software for Your Business

Discover how Sleek Bill stands out as the ultimate billing software solution, perfect for both service & trading businesses as well as small businesses.

Sleek Bill for Super Market
Best Billing Software for Service & Trading

Unlock seamless invoicing and advanced security with Sleek Bill, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of service & trading businesses. Elevate your billing experience with our comprehensive features, ensuring smooth operations and data protection.

Sleek Bill -for Garment Shop
Best Billing Software for Small Businesses

Simplify your billing process and safeguard your financial data with Sleek Bill, the perfect fit for small businesses. Experience effortless invoicing and streamlined distribution, empowering you to focus on what matters most—growing your business.

What users think about Sleek Bill:

Over 797 users rated and reviewed us as the best billing solution

We are in the services business and we have tried many programs for billing. So far, Sleek Bill is the best we have used till now.

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Alwyn Dsouza, Alwyn Dsouza & Co - EDUNOVATE


I have been using Sleek Bill for the last 9 months and it's just too awesome. Quotes and Invoices are just on one click away, I am saving at least 80% of my time. Previously i was spending a lot of time to do invoicing related jobs.Thank you Sleek Bill!

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Deepak - BAUX


It has very good options for creating quotations and invoices. Our work got simplified and we don’t have to waste our time as much.

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Ananth - Amaran Brands